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What is Laser Eye Surgery?

The use of contact lenses and glasses can be difficult for most wearers as they require constant replacement. Some people may get bored of this situation and stop using lenses completely. So, what can you do as a solution at this point? You no longer need both to have good vision. Thanks to the help of refractive surgery, it is possible to see without the need for glasses or lenses! This is exactly where laser eye surgery comes to your aid. This operation gives you the clear and free vision you need.

Laser eye surgeries are performed in many health institutions in Turkey. Ophthalmologists experienced in this field determine the appropriate laser treatment for your eye health. Laser eye surgery is a frequently preferred method in Turkey.

What is Eye Draw Surgery (Excimer Laser)?

Eye drawing surgery is a preferable procedure for people who are tired of using lenses and glasses. Thanks to this process, people can save themselves from paying high prices for glasses and lenses and limited vision. This procedure, popularly known as eye drawing, is a surgical intervention.

In Turkey, excimer laser procedures are performed especially in eye health centers and eye hospitals, which have a lot of experience in the field of eye diseases.

In Which Diseases Is Eye Draw Surgery Used?

Procedures applied to end the use of glasses fall into the class of refractive surgery. With this procedure, the eye is not treated by scratching. The procedure is applied to people who have moderate refractive errors and do not have severe vision problems. It is a suitable procedure especially for people with low and moderate myopia, astigmatism or hyperopia.

Excimer laser surgery is known as eye drawing among the community. This process can be used for various visual defects. After the procedure, patients do not need lenses or glasses to see as they used to. The eye numbers of these people change and their vision disorders are corrected.

Who Can Have Laser Eye Surgery?

  • This procedure can be applied to people aged 18 and over. It cannot be applied to persons in the younger age group. The reason for this is that the eye cannot fully complete its development until the age of 18. For this reason, the eye numbers continue to grow for a certain period of time.
  • It is essential that the patient has the appropriate corneal thickness for the procedure. This is a prerequisite for LASIK and iLASIK laser applications. However, patients with thin corneas are also suitable candidates for no touch laser application.
  • In order for people who have had cataract surgery before to benefit from the procedure, they must first meet the appropriate prerequisites. This is also true for people with a tear in their retina.
  • People with astigmatism, hyperopia and not too high myopia are also suitable candidates.
  • People who have some scars and stains on the corneal layer can also benefit from the procedure.

What Should Be Considered Before Laser Eye Surgery?

No cosmetic products should be applied to the eye before surgery. There should be no strong odors near the eyes. Patients using blood thinners should stop using the drug the day before the surgery. Otherwise, the healing process may be adversely affected. We recommend that people who regularly use contact lenses stop using them for the period recommended by the doctor. Before the surgery, your doctor will tell you such preliminary information and conditions.

What are the Types of Laser Therapy?

No Touch Laser (TransPRK)

This procedure is suitable for people with distance and near vision problems. For the procedure, an anesthetic drop is first applied to the mouth. The process takes a very short time to complete. This time ranges from 50 seconds to 1 minute. There is no contact with the eyes during the procedure. People who have had cataract surgery before and have a tear in their retina can benefit from this procedure, provided that certain prerequisites are met.

No touch laser operation is one of the most preferred methods among laser treatments in Turkey. The experience of ophthalmologists in Turkey in this field is appreciated worldwide.


This method is a safe method that has been preferred for many years. For the procedure, an anesthetic drop is placed in the eye and the eye is anesthetized. This prevents the patient from feeling any pain. Then, with the help of an instrument called a microkeratome, the corneal valve is carefully lifted. At this stage, called corneal flap creation, the corneal flap is folded back and removed from the place where the procedure will be performed.

Excimer laser beams are sent to this area where the cornea is removed. Thus, the patient’s myopia and hyperopia problem is solved. Although the person may have problems with vision for the first 3-5 days, he/she will have very good vision afterwards.

iLASIK (Intralase LASIK)

This method does not require the use of a blade for surgery. The procedure can be applied to people with vision problems such as myopia, astigmatism and hyperopia, as well as help in the treatment of keratoconus. In this procedure, the incision made into the eye is made with controlled femtosecond rays. It is a personalized treatment.

Laser treatments are not only used to correct vision problems. These treatments are also used to solve dry eye, glaucoma and retinal vascular problems. These are administered in a suitable practice setting. None of them are surgical treatments. The most common among them are:

IPL Laser Treatment: It is a type of treatment applied at 15-day intervals. It takes 3-4 sessions on average to complete the treatment. For this procedure, a special gel is applied to both eyelids. After this, IRPL laser treatment is performed on the skin. It is a very short process that is completed in as little as 2 minutes. Thanks to this application, clogged diapers can be opened. Thus, the person’s dryness complaint is largely resolved. It is a method that does not cause any pain or pain.

Glaucoma Laser Therapy – SLT: It is a method used in the treatment of open-angle glaucoma. The aim is to lower the patient’s intraocular pressure. It is a process that can be applied in a very short time. After this procedure, the patient’s intraocular pressure can be reduced by 30%. It is a type of treatment that can be reapplied when necessary.

YAG Laser: It is a process performed in the examination environment. In cataract surgeries, a lens is placed in the eye. This lens can cause the membrane behind the eye to become dull over time. This matting can be removed with YAG laser treatment.

Argon Laser: For this procedure, the eye must first be anesthetized with drops. Thus, the pupil dilates and retinal vascular hemorrhages and retinal ruptures can be detected.

Laser eye treatment applications in Turkey is a procedure that attracts attention from patients around the world. It is both economical and the success of ophthalmologists in Turkey in this field attracts the attention of patients coming from abroad.

What are the Risks of Laser Eye Surgery?

Like any surgery, it has some risks. These risks can be listed as follows:

  • Dry eye,
  • Glare,
  • Long healing process,
  • Slipping of the corneal valve,
  • Having difficulty seeing again after surgery,
  • Permanence of minor degrees,
  • Flap complications,
  • Epithelial ingrowth,
  • Forward ovalizing cornea,
  • Infections.

At What Age Is Laser Eye Surgery Performed?

For this procedure, the person must be at least 18 years old. Since the eye still continues to develop up to this age, it is not correct to operate beforehand. Patients between the ages of 20-35 who do not have severe myopia are the most suitable candidates. In patients between the ages of 35-45, naturally, the problem of not seeing well in the distance can be seen. Therefore, careful planning of the procedure is necessary for these individuals.

How Is Laser Eye Surgery Performed?

The following steps are usually followed when performing eye laser surgery:

  • Before the procedure, the patient lies on his back on the laser bed without any cosmetic products in his eye.
  • One eye of the patient is left open and the eye area is covered with a sterile drape.
  • The eye is anesthetized with a drop with a numbing feature. This prevents the patient from feeling any pain or suffering during the procedure.
  • Patients who are tense and overexcited during the procedure can be given sedatives.
  • The area around the numbed eye is carefully cleaned.
  • A retractor is placed in the eye that keeps the eyelid open. Then the operation is started.
  • The entire process takes a single day.

*The requirements of the operations may differ according to the type of treatment applied.

Healing Process After Eye Draw Surgery

It takes at least 2-3 months for the eye to stabilize after the operation. After this period, the vision of the eye improves and the person has a brand new vision. We recommend that you do not delay your controls with your doctor for possible complications.

What to Consider After Eye Laser Surgery

  • All drops prescribed and given by the doctor should be used without interruption.
  • During the first week, the eye should be protected from possible impacts and should not be rubbed.
  • People who do sports should wear protective glasses during the first month.
  • For the first few days after the procedure, water should not touch the treated area.
  • It is necessary to avoid looking directly at the sunlight as much as possible. Be careful with the use of sunglasses.
  • No vehicle should be used shortly after the operation.
  • In the first week, the person should not tire himself too much.
  • Patients should not delay their doctor's checkups.

Laser Eye Surgery Prices 2023

Laser eye surgery prices; It varies depending on the condition of the patient’s eye, the doctor performing the procedure and the hospital. For the procedure, your doctor will first examine you in detail. After this comprehensive examination, your doctor will choose the most appropriate method for you. This will also be effective in determining the price of the transaction.

Laser eye surgery in Turkey is an economical procedure performed at affordable prices. In addition to having this operation performed at health centers and doctors in Turkey at affordable prices, you can also take advantage of the holiday opportunities in Turkey.

Frequently Asked Questions About Laser Eye Surgery

Does Eye Laser Hurt?

No, in any of the laser treatments, the patient does not feel pain or pain during the procedure. However, the patient feels the operations performed on his eye.

How Long Does Laser Eye Surgery Take?

It is a very short process. Approximately 10-15 minutes is sufficient for both eyes for the operation. This period varies according to possible complications.

What is Excimer Laser?

Excimer laser; It is an eye treatment procedure applied for myopia, astigmatism and hyperopia patients. With the Lasik application, the cornea of the eyes of the patients is removed and a laser is applied under it. With this method, patients are discharged immediately.

Is Blurred Vision Normal After Excimer Laser?

It is normal for the patient to see blurry for the first 4-5 hours after the procedure. Depending on this, watering and burning in the eyes can also be seen. For this, your doctor will recommend the appropriate eye drops for you.

What are the Types of Eye Draw Surgery?

There are many different treatments for eye drawing. The most commonly used treatment types can be counted as no touch laser, iLASIK and PRK.

What is PRK Eye Surgery?

The cornea is covered with a membrane layer. This layer must be removed for the excimer laser process. This is called PRK. People who wear contact lenses before PRK should stop using the lens at least 1 week in advance. Before the surgery, patients should not apply any cosmetic products to their eyes. The person does not need to be hungry before the operation. Before the procedure, patients should have their breakfast, if possible, in a way that is not too heavy.

Before the procedure, the patient’s eyelids are sterilized and the eye area is cleaned. The eye is anesthetized with a drop. This prevents the person from feeling any pain or pain. Then the eye area is covered and the patient is prevented from closing the eyelids.

After that, the patient’s eye cornea is lifted and a laser is applied to the underlying tissue. An unnumbered contact lens is then placed on the cornea. The next day, patients must go to the doctor’s examination again. After this step, safety glasses should be used. The eye should be protected as best as possible until it becomes healthy again.

What is Lasek?

It is a method that does not require the removal of the thin layer in the anterior part of the cornea. It is normal to feel pain for the first 2 days after this procedure.

How to See After Eye Drawing?

After the drawing process, the eye begins to see completely clearly. However, this may not continue forever. In some cases, the eye number of people can progress even if it is a little. This is a normal situation. You don’t have to worry about your eye size getting bigger again.

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