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What is Penis Enlargement?

Penis enlargement is a method frequently preferred by individuals who are not satisfied with their penis size. In some cases, while the length of the penis is sufficient, its thickness is insufficient for a smooth relationship. In some cases, while its thickness is sufficient, its length is insufficient for intercourse. For this reason, penis enlargement surgery is performed sometimes for lengthening and sometimes for increasing thickness. However, many individuals make this demand because of the wrong perception. The penises of the individuals in question do not pose a problem for sexual intercourse.

On the other hand, pornography and the media have led to this false perception. When it comes to genital aesthetics in men, the first thing that comes to mind is penis size and, naturally, penis lengthening operation. This is actually a complete mistake. This misconception leads to the fact that the effect of penile thickness, which is highly decisive on sexual satisfaction, is not noticed. It also results in ignoring treatment options.

In Turkey, penis enlargement operations are performed successfully by urology doctors who are experts in this field. Among the different methods offered by Turkish urology doctors, the most suitable procedure for you is determined together and your operation is performed.

Why is Penis Enlargement Performed?

individual is insufficient for a healthy sexual intercourse. However, sometimes aesthetic concerns can be included in this situation.

Until What Age Does Penis Length Grow?

In boys, puberty begins around the age of 11 or 12, when the penis and testicles start to grow. Most of the growth takes place between the ages of 12 and 16. The penis and testicles continue to grow after that. They often reach their full size at the age of 19 or 20.

How To Make Penis Thickening or Enlargement?

Synthetic filling materials or tissues owned by the person are used for this operation. Hyaluronic acid-based fillers are preferred by physicians. The substance in question dissolves over time and is absorbed by the body. For this reason, it has limited side effects and is preferred in operations. Permanent, ie non-absorbable, fillers are used less frequently because of their reaction.

Techniques in which the person’s own tissue is used are performed with a surgical intervention. However, it is more preferred due to its effectiveness and reliability. In particular, it is used to wash and strain the fat tissue taken from the individual and transfer it to the required layer of the penis. This process (lipofilling) provides a very positive benefit to the thickening. Some of the injected adipose tissue is absorbed by the body over time. In this case, if the volume shrinks and becomes insufficient, the application may need to be repeated.

The tissue layer in the subcutaneous layer is taken from the lower buttock area with adipose tissue or alone. It is then transferred between the inner layers of the penis. Which of all these techniques is suitable for the person is determined by patient-doctor interview and examination.

You can achieve permanent and healthy results with penis enlargement operations performed in health institutions in Turkey. These operations, performed by Turkish Urology specialists, are carried out with great care.

What Are Normal Penis Sizes?

The length of the penis is approximately 6-7 cm in flask, that is, in the free state. The erect state is approximately 14 to 15 cm long. In an adult, the circumference of the penis is 9 cm on average when the penis is healthy. In case of hardening, it is around 12 cm on average. Factors such as weight, height, age and race affect all these measurements.

What is the Effect of Penis Length on Sexual Relationship?

The perception that a long and thick penis is better in terms of sexual satisfaction and pleasure is very common. However, it is quite a misconception. The reason for this is that pornographic content and opinions and evaluations in the media “shine” the long and thick penis. More than 6 cm in loose condition and 10 cm in erection is sufficient for a healthy sexual life. Orgasm in both men and women is much more than the size of the genitals. Because this is; It is a complex mechanism involving the soul, body, mind and emotions.

When Is Penis Extension Necessary?

If the penis sizes are below the determined lower limits and these sizes are insufficient to provide sexual intercourse, penis lengthening is necessary. It is essential for the individual to be well informed about the results of the surgery. It is also important to be psychologically and physically mature with realistic expectations. It should be noted that these surgical procedures do not have the nature of creation from nothing. Operations contribute to the size with adjustments within the structure of the penis itself.

In Which Situations Is Penis Enlargement Operation Preferred?

In some cases, although the penis is of normal length, it may appear thin due to its small circumference. If this situation creates a physical and psychological problem, penis thickening can be planned. In many penis lengthening operations, penis thickening is also performed. In some cases, increasing the thickness of the penis may produce more effective and positive results than increasing the length. In other words, thickening the penis can provide a more positive benefit in terms of physical dimensions.

Which Methods Are Used in Penis Enlargement?

Researches and observations made to date, on penis lengthening;

  • Medicines,
  • Vacuum systems,
  • Penis massages,
  • Demonstrated that penis exercises had sufficient or no effect.

The use of tissue expander apparatus in penile lengthening in Reconstructive Surgery has failed due to the elongated structure of the penis. For all these reasons, surgical methods come to the fore in penile lengthening. However, one should not have excessive and extreme expectations from surgical techniques.

Different methods are used in penile enlargement and thickening operations in Turkey. Thus, the opportunity for patients to choose the most suitable procedure among different methods is created. These procedures are performed by Turkish doctors who are experienced in penis enlargement and thickening operations.

What are the Surgical Techniques Used for Penis Enlargement?

The invisible part of the penis can be used to increase the visible length of the penis. In other words, techniques that reveal the buried part in the root of the penis are frequently used. In this method, the ligaments connecting the embedded part of the penis to the pelvis are cut. On the outer surface, techniques called Z plasty or V-Y plasty are used to lengthen the skin line. The embedded part of the penis is attached to the outer visible part. Thus, the size of the penis enlarges.

What Other Surgical Techniques Can Be Used in Penis Lengthening?
There is also the process of removing the settled adipose tissue in the root of the penis. This can be done with an open surgical technique or vacuum liposuction. However, it can make a limited contribution to the size of the penis. Especially in overweight individuals, it can migrate into the penile tissue due to abdominal fat and sagging skin.

In these individuals, liposuction and skin correction techniques have positive results in penis lengthening. In addition, in some cases, the effect of the operation can be achieved with sports and diet. Another method is to extend the connection of the sac called scrotum, which holds the testicles, with the penis. In this method, surgical techniques called Z plasty or V-Y plasty are used. Thus, it allows the penis to extend from its lower surface.

Non-Surgical Penis Enlargement

This process includes a series of procedures that take an average of 6-7 months. P-Shot treatment with shock wave can be applied in each session. In other words, this process is applied in 5 sessions in total. Patients, on the other hand, have two devices that they will use at home. One of them is the vacuum device. It is enough to use automatic vacuums for 10 to 15 minutes a day. It does not take time to learn as it is very simple to use.

Another tool is the reaction tool. The individual in question uses it from 1 hour to 4 hours during the day. Towards the last months of the process, the measurement process is carried out by interviewing the patients. As a result, the results obtained are evaluated. Most of the time, a growth between 1 and 3 cm in length and thickness can occur. No surgical procedure is required in this method. For this reason, factors such as anesthesia injection and length of stay are not included.

We can list the methods generally used for penis enlargement without surgery as follows;

  • Shock Wave Therapy: It aims to eliminate blood flow deficiencies that may occur with elongation and thickening. It also aims to ensure the formation of new vessels in the penis. It is applied once a month, a total of 5 times throughout the treatment.
  • P-Shot (PRP) Treatment: It aims to expand the vessels, nerves and muscle structures of the penis. It is applied once a month for a total of 5 times throughout the treatment.
  • Vacuum Therapy: The main purpose is to increase blood flow to the penis with the help of negative pressure. The person applies it at home for 10 minutes every day for 6 months.
  • Penis Extender: Stretching the penis ligaments causes mechanical elongation. For 6 months, 1 to 4 hours a day, the person applies it by himself at home.

How Is Penis Enlargement Performed Without Surgery?

  • Non-surgical penis enlargement takes place in a clinical setting. Before the injection, a local anesthetic cream is applied to the application area, namely the body of the penis.
  • When local anesthesia shows its effect, hyaluronic acid-based and body compatible fillers are injected into the penis body. The patient does not feel pain or pain during the procedure.
  • After this application, which takes approximately 30 to 45 minutes, it is necessary to wait an average of 1 week for the results. In this process, the hyaluronic acid in the filler retains the water in the penile area where it is injected. Thus, it gains volume. Therefore, it takes some time to see the full results after this procedure.

Who Is Non-Surgical Penis Enlargement Suitable For?

Non-surgical penis enlargement procedure;

  • Having no problems with penis size but complaining about penis thickness,
  • Unable to achieve sufficient satisfaction during sexual intercourse due to the thin penis or whose spouse is not satisfied,
  • It stands out as a very comfortable and practical treatment technique for individuals who do not have enough adipose tissue for penis enlargement surgery or who have poor fat quality.

Are Non-Surgical Penis Enlargement Results Permanent?

Like oil injection into the penis, the penile thickening process with filler also has a temporary feature. The duration of permanence varies from person to person. However, it can be stated that this period is 1.5 to 3 years. Non-surgical penis enlargement can be repeated during sexually active time.

Penile thickening application without surgical operation has many advantages. It offers a practical solution for those who have penis thinning problems, as it is performed in a clinical setting. Moreover, there is no harm in the erection functions of the penis. However, there are some situations that require caution.

The experience of the urology and andrology specialist who will perform the procedure is very important in this regard. Because it is necessary to master the anatomy of the penis. The quality of the fillers to be used should definitely be questioned. As a result, these substances are injected under the skin.

Substances that will cause a reaction can lead to dangerous consequences. All these factors are very important for the success of the application. There are also some massage movements that we recommend to our patients after the procedure. Thus, we provide the best results obtained after the filling process.

Is Natural Penis Enlargement Possible?

There is no method you can personally do to enlarge the penis naturally. Also, there is no natural way to do this. There is no natural method or product that has been scientifically proven to function. In this regard, it is necessary to think of the penis as a limb. Any limb with pills, food or cream, etc. It is impossible to enlarge.

Do Penis Enlargement Medicines Work?

Penis enlargement drugs are a completely fake commercial method. However, there are many drugs on the market that are sold as penis enlargement, especially on the internet. None of these drugs are helpful. It is possible to enlarge the penis only by surgery. Even medically approved drugs used for treatment can have some side effects. For this reason, it is wrong to use drugs that are unclear how they are produced. It should also be taken into account that even the use of these drugs is not approved.

These so-called herbal (natural) drugs, whose active ingredient is unclear, can cause an allergic reaction in individuals. In addition, the accumulation of blood in the penis for a long time poses a very serious danger. There are some drugs with hardening properties that are used in individuals with erectile dysfunction. These drugs should not be mixed with drugs introduced as penis enlargement. These drugs are given to individuals with erectile dysfunction only with the advice of a doctor. It also only provides a solution for the hardening problem.

What Are Penis Enlargement Exercises?

They are the methods preferred by individuals who are not satisfied with the size of their penis to enlarge or increase the thickness of the penis. However, it should be noted that penis enlargement exercises and penis enlargement at home do not make any difference. These techniques, which are recommended in various places in virtual environments, do not reflect the reality. The only permanent and healthy solution is the operations performed under the control of a specialist physician.

However, we can basically list the penis enlargement exercises applied as follows;

  • Jelqing Exercise: Performed using your thumb and forefinger. In this exercise, you rub your penis from the bottom up while it is in a semi-erect state. Thus, you accelerate the blood circulation in your penis and the tissue there expands.
  • Kegel Exercise: It is said that this exercise is mostly used by women to prevent vaginal enlargement. However, men also practice Kegel exercises. We recommend surgical operations performed by specialist doctors to achieve permanent and successful results.

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