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What is Penile Prosthesis (Happiness Bar)?

Penile prosthesis, also known as penile implant, is a treatment procedure applied to eliminate erection problems affecting men’s sexual life. This; It is a method used when other treatment methods do not respond, if there is an erection problem caused by many reasons such as chronic diseases, psychological problems and age. These prostheses, also known as happiness sticks, can be easily attached with surgical methods.

However, all treatment methods must be tried before the operation can be performed. It is a procedure used when drug therapy, penile injection, vacuum devices and similar treatment methods do not respond. In other words, since it is a surgical method, it is the last preferred treatment method. This procedure, which can achieve higher results than other non-surgical methods, has been applied for more than 40 years.

As we mentioned before, this implant is also known as the “happiness stick” among the people. In surgery, prostheses are placed inside the penis. In individuals who do not have erection problems, they are placed in channels called “corpus cavernosum”, which normally fill with blood and allow erection to occur. In this surgery, which is completed in a short time, a total of two prostheses are placed inside the penis. It is possible to say that very successful results have been obtained for both the patient and his partner.

Penile prosthesis applications in Turkey are performed by specialist urology doctors. Turkish doctors have a high experience in this field, with many operations they have performed on penile prosthesis. Every year, thousands of patients from many parts of the world prefer Turkish health institutions to have penile prosthesis procedures in Turkey.

Why is Penile Prosthesis Fitted?

Erectile dysfunction can be seen in men for many reasons, and this adversely affects the sexual life of individuals. Psychologically, the individual who has this problem can become depressed. On the other hand, erectile dysfunction can be observed due to problems such as age, psychological problems, and chronic diseases.

In this case, various treatment methods are applied. In cases where non-surgical treatment methods do not respond, procedures are started to insert a penile prosthesis.

To Whom Penile Prosthesis Is Fitted?

Erectile dysfunction, called erectile dysfunction, can occur in many men of different age groups and profiles. Although it is thought to occur mostly due to age, there may be different reasons for the emergence of this problem. Causes such as anxiety disorder, stress, diabetes, obesity, spinal cord diseases can be given as examples.

In cases where drugs such as sildenafil, vardenafil, and tadalafil do not work during drug therapy, injection into the penis is administered. However, it is tried to ensure that hardening occurs by using vacuum devices. In cases where these treatment methods do not work, penile prosthesis is applied. In other words, this procedure is applied to patients who do not benefit from non-surgical treatment methods.

For whom are urological prostheses not suitable?

For some individuals, this process is not possible. It is not possible to perform this surgery for those with chronic diseases, those who use regular medication, and those who have various infection problems. Patients with frequent urinary tract infections and those with lung infection problems are not suitable for urological prosthesis surgery. It is possible for diabetics to not get approval as well.

After your examination to be carried out in doctors and health institutions in Turkey, the penile prosthesis method, which you can get the best answer to the health problem you experience, is determined. There are many options in penile prosthesis applications in Turkey. Turkish doctors determine the method that is suitable for you, together with you, and perform your surgery.

Is Urological Prosthesis Implantation Risky?

Some risks that are valid in every surgery are also valid for this surgery. Although rare, there are some risks in penile prosthesis surgeries. It is important for patients to know these risks before undergoing surgery so that they are satisfied after the surgery. Knowing these risks, when the operation is performed, it will be more careful during the post-operative recovery period.

The risks you may encounter for this surgery can be listed as follows:

Structural Implant Problems

Although implants are produced from high quality materials and by obtaining all approvals, it is known that in some cases they can malfunction and break. When this problem occurs, a surgical intervention is required again to repair the implant or to put a new one.

Risk of Infection

The risk of infection in every surgery is also valid for this surgery. Some conditions such as the patient’s pre-operative ailments or poor post-operative care, not paying attention to hygiene can cause infection.

Internal Erosion or Adhesion

In some cases, it has been observed that the prosthesis can adhere to the skin in the penis and damage it accordingly. In this rare situation, the prosthesis may separate from the skin.

What are the Penile Prosthesis Types?

Although there are many types of these prostheses, there are generally two types of prostheses that are preferred. These are inflatable and semi-rigid (bendable) types of prostheses. The most commonly preferred inflatable prosthesis can be inflated before intercourse and deflated after intercourse to create an erection.

These three-piece inflatable prostheses consist of a pump to be placed in the scrotum, a water-filled water tank to be placed under the abdominal wall, a drain valve and two inflatable cylinders to be located in the penis. Every part of this type of prosthesis is designed to be inside the body.

Inflatable implants consisting of three parts are preferred because they provide the most natural and hardest erection. However, it should not be forgotten that this type of prosthesis has parts that can fail most easily due to its extra parts.

There is another type of inflatable prosthesis consisting of two parts. There is no water tank in this type. However, unlike the three-piece implant, a softer erection is observed in this. That is, its hardness is less than the other. The reason why it is preferred is that it is practical and comfortable to use. It can be easily inflated before sexual intercourse.

Semi-rigid dentures, also known as bendable dentures, are placed with an easier surgical process as they contain fewer parts compared to other dentures. The preferred method of this prosthesis is that it does not require an application such as inflation before sexual intercourse and is practical. However, when this type of prosthesis is fitted, the penis is always a little stiff, and it can be difficult to hide it in clothing. Therefore, it must be bent and stored.

How Does a One Piece Penile Prosthesis Work?

The use of one-piece prostheses is always easier and more practical than other prosthesis methods. These prostheses are always ready for use and upright. In other words, the individual using this prosthesis can have sexual intercourse whenever he wants and does not need to make any preparations beforehand. Since there are no mechanical parts in this type of prosthesis, it is possible to use it for many years without deterioration.

In order not to experience any problems while wearing this prosthesis, prostheses in length and diameters suitable for the anatomical structures of the individuals are preferred. Prostheses consisting of one piece are placed in the channels in the penis. Two happiness sticks placed by hand are made upright and used in this way. After the intercourse, it is twisted and restored and hidden with clothes. In this way, it is not obvious from the outside.

How Does the 3-Piece Penile Prosthesis Work?

Three-piece penile prosthesis surgery may take longer than one-piece prosthesis surgery. Compared to a one-piece prosthesis, it is easier to break down because there are more mechanical parts. This type of prosthesis consists of a fluid reservoir, a pump and two cylindrical parts.

The pump of these three-piece prostheses is placed in the testis during surgery. With the compression of the pump, the fluid in the reservoir placed in the abdomen moves towards the two cylinders placed in the “corpus cavernosum”. In this way, semi-hardening and full hardening with the most natural appearance is achieved in the penis.

After the intercourse, the liquid returns to the reservoir in the abdomen by pressing the lowering button on the pump, and thus the penis descends. The satisfaction rate of this type of prosthesis, which gives the closest result to nature, is also very high.

How is Penile Implant Surgery Performed?

Penile prosthesis surgery, which helps to eliminate the erection problem in men, is a short, non-compulsive surgical procedure. After this surgery, the patient can easily return to his normal life. Before surgery, the urologist will perform a physical examination and examination, including a urological examination. As a result of this examination, the surgery is decided when it is confirmed that the erection problem of the patient and that it will not improve with another method.

The operation takes approximately 45-60 minutes. The duration of the operation differs from patient to patient. A catheter (catheter) is placed in the bladder to drain the urine accumulated during the surgery. Two implant cylinders, selected in accordance with the anatomical structure of the person, are placed in the body with an easy procedure with an incision made directly under the head of the penis or from the abdomen.

A pump and valve are placed in the patient’s scrotum so that the two- or three-piece inflatable prosthesis can be placed. In addition, a special fluid-filled reservoir (fluid reservoir) inside the abdominal wall is added for the fitting of three-piece prostheses. After the placement of these mechanisms, the opening before the procedure is cut and sutured. Thus, the surgery is terminated.

After Penile Prosthesis Surgery

After this surgical procedure, which is a very easy procedure, it is possible for the patient to return to his daily life comfortably. However, since this procedure is a surgical intervention, it is quite natural for the patient to feel pain and ache in the first days. In this case, you can take painkillers by consulting your doctor.

There is a risk of infection after every surgery. In order to eliminate this risk, the patient should pay attention to their hygiene and care. In addition, he should regularly use the antibiotics prescribed by his doctor.

Many patients can return to their normal sexual life within 4 or 6 weeks after surgery. In order to get used to the use of implants and increase the practicality, the exercises given by the doctor should be done regularly. These daily exercises make it easier to return to an active sexual life.

Penile Prosthesis Surgery Prices

There are many factors that affect penile prosthesis prices. First of all, these implants are selected in accordance with the anatomical structure of the person. Since this will affect the size and size difference, larger size implants may be a bit more expensive.

The quality of the implants is another factor that affects the prices. Quality prostheses should be preferred in order to avoid any post-operative problems.
Another factor to consider is which type of prosthesis will be used. For example, a three-piece penile prosthesis, which requires more mechanical parts, is more expensive. The two-piece penile prosthesis is more cost-effective than the three-piece. The most preferred one-piece penile prosthesis is more suitable.

Being in a well-equipped hospital and working with a specialist doctor also affect the prices. By choosing a good doctor in a good hospital, you will minimize the risks you may experience after the surgery when you have this surgery. In addition, your satisfaction rate from the surgery will increase. Therefore, when it comes to health, it is useful not to avoid fees.

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