Gastric Botox

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What is Gastric Botox?

Gastric botox is one of the most known weight loss methods today. The procedure is provided by injecting botulinum toxin into the relevant parts of the stomach with the endoscopic method. Therefore, contrary to popular belief, it is not a surgical method. No incision is made during the procedure. After gastric botox, it is aimed to lose 15-20% of weight.

After this operation, the person’s hunger hormone level decreases. However, there are also decreases in gastric acid secretion and gastric emptying begins to slow down. As a result, the patient’s appetite decreases. Thanks to the late hunger, the patient can stay for long periods without eating. With the delay in gastric emptying, sudden rises and falls in blood sugar after meals are prevented. Thus, the person has a stable blood sugar level throughout the day.

In the treatment of obesity, gastric botox, which is a non-surgical method, is among the operations that are widely applied. There are many specialist doctors in Turkey who have accomplished successful studies in the field of obesity treatment.

Who Is Gastric Botox Done?

This operation is suitable for anyone who aims to lose weight. Gastric botox is different from bariatric surgery. However, patients who want to have the procedure must meet some criteria. The procedure is primarily suitable for those who cannot lose weight despite dieting and sports. Bariatric surgery is recommended for people with a body mass index of 40 and above. Otherwise, the operation may not be successful.

For this reason, it is recommended that patients who will prefer gastric botox have a body mass index below 40. For example, someone with a body mass index of 27-35 is suitable for this procedure. These people can easily lose 10-20 kilos of excess with stomach botox. This treatment cannot be applied to patients with stomach ulcers or gastritis.

In order for these people to benefit from the treatment, they must first have their related diseases treated. Then the process can be applied. Gastric botox can be applied to anyone who is not obese and wants to lose weight.

How Is Gastric Botox Made?

Gastric botox is a procedure performed with the help of oral route and endoscope. People do not feel any pain during the procedure. General anesthesia is not applied during the procedure. Gastric botox is not considered a surgical procedure. In this respect, it is a very safe and non-hazardous procedure. Different amounts of botox are applied to each patient according to their health status. The procedure takes an average of 15 minutes and the patient does not feel any pain during this time.

Since this procedure is not a surgical operation, it does not require any incision in the body. The procedure is applied by mouth only. After the procedure, the patient should be kept under observation for the first few hours. After this period, the patient can be discharged easily. Therefore, patients do not need to be afraid or worried about the procedure. Unlike most procedures, this treatment is quite safe.

What are the Advantages of Gastric Botox Procedure?

The advantages of this process can be listed as follows:

  • Although it is not a surgical method, there is no need for general anesthesia during the procedure.
  • No incision is made in the body for the procedure.
  • The processing time is very short. The treatment ends in a short time like 15-20 minutes.
  • Since endoscopy is used in the application, the patient can return to his normal life after the procedure.
  • After the first few hours of application of Botox, the patient can be discharged.
  • There is no pain after the procedure.

Another advantage is that gastric botox application in Turkey is performed by expert and experienced doctors at affordable prices. In Turkey, gastric botox application draws attention with its holiday opportunities as well as being performed by professional doctors at affordable prices. This makes the gastric botox procedure that you will have done in Turkey even more attractive.

Are There Any Side Effects of gastric Botox?

Botox has been accepted in the medical field for many years. It does not cause any harm as it is applied in the dosage that should be applied by a specialist physician. Only endoscopy is used for gastric botox. Therefore, there is no significant harm reported in the literature. However, people with muscle disease are not suitable for this procedure. This procedure cannot be applied to people who are allergic to Botox.

Does gastric Botox Lose Weight?

No procedure is guaranteed to lose weight for sure. Therefore, it is wrong to describe the process in question as miraculous. After gastric botox application, a significant decrease is observed in the appetite of the people. This both helps to lose weight and helps people’s diet. However, if the patient is fed mainly with carbohydrates after the procedure, he may not achieve the desired result.

When Does Stomach Botox Start to Take Effect?

The procedure usually begins to show its effect within 2-3 days of its application. The person becomes less and less hungry. After the first 2 weeks, weight loss is seen in the person. With such a progression, it is possible to lose 10-20 kilograms.

Stomach botox is applied only to the smooth muscles in the stomach. Therefore, the process has no effect on nerve cells and bowel movements. Therefore, there is no increase in intestinal laziness. Intestinal laziness can be corrected with a personalized diet after stomach botox. Foods that stimulate the intestines should be added to this diet.

How Should Nutrition Be After Stomach Botox?

After the procedure, each patient is given a personalized nutritional list. Patients can be fed 2 hours after the procedure. However, acidic drinks, carbohydrates and syrups should never be consumed. Alcohol should be limited.

Liquids such as unsweetened tea, water and soup can be consumed. If they wish, patients can tell their nutritionists about the foods they prefer. Smoking can be used after the procedure. However, this is still not recommended.

Attention should be paid to taking liquid foods for the first 3 days after the procedure. After the first 4 days, 2 meals of protein can be consumed. In this process, it is recommended that the diets be mainly vegetable. Thus, after the liquids, the stomach can gradually return to its normal state. All these plans must be made in the presence of a dietitian. Sticking to the plans made is important in terms of getting the best efficiency.

It is recommended not to consume the following foods after the procedure:

  • Sugary and acidic foods
  • Fast food foods
  • Cola, mineral water and carbonated drinks
  • High-acid fruit juices and foods

Things to Consider After Gastric Botox

Although stomach botox is a simple procedure, some points should be considered after the application. If these are applied, the effect of the procedure can be increased. Alcohol and cigarettes should not be consumed as long as possible after stomach botox. Consumption of alcohol and cigarettes may reduce the effect of the procedure. Therefore, their use is not recommended.

People should exercise after the procedure. It is important to do regular sports to accelerate weight loss and prevent regaining the lost weight. This process should be followed by the diet given by the dietitian. Thus, you can lose weight in a healthier way. In addition, patients should definitely adopt diet and sports programs.

If there is a situation that bothers them, it is recommended that they convey this to their dietitians. After the procedure, the specialist surgeon will tell you all the details you need to pay attention to and apply. One of these effects is constipation. This can be triggered by inadequate fluid intake and irregular nutrition. For this reason, it is necessary to pay attention to plenty of fluid intake and to stick to the exercise program.

Changes in the intestinal flora, small amounts of food and fluid intake are the main causes of constipation. Leading a sedentary life and taking certain medications during the procedure are other reasons that trigger this condition.

Consuming liquids regularly after the procedure and sticking to the diet program created by the dietitian prevent this situation to a great extent. Moving frequently during the day and repeating certain exercises regularly will also prevent constipation. Doing these also increases the effect of botox. Consuming intestinal probiotic regulators such as kefir also provides great benefits in terms of constipation.

Gastric Botox Prices 2023

One of the most curious points of people who want to have stomach botox is the price of the procedure. However, there is no clear price for it. Prices vary depending on the place where the transaction will be made and the techniques to be applied. You can have stomach botox in Turkey at cheap prices in a healthy and safe way.

Every year, thousands of patients in Turkey increase their quality of life by losing weight in a healthy way with gastric botox application. With the gastric botox application, which is a non-surgical procedure, you can return to your daily life in a short time and you can enjoy your holiday in Turkey to the fullest.

Frequently Asked Questions About Gastric Botox

How Long Does the Gastric Botox Process Take?

Gastric botox is a very short procedure. The application is done in just 15-20 minutes.

How Long Does the Gastric Botox Process Take?

The effect of the drug used is not permanent. In about 4-6 months, the effects of the procedure are completely eliminated from the body. Therefore, it is not possible to cause any permanent damage to the person.

Is Gastric Botox a Painful Procedure?

One of the most curious points of people who want to have this procedure is whether the procedure will cause pain. The application takes place in a very short time and painlessly. After the procedure, people are kept under observation for only 2-3 hours. After this period, people can easily continue their daily lives without pain.

Is it necessary to stay in the hospital after gastric botox?

No, this is not a surgical intervention. Only the endoscope is used for the procedure. Therefore, no incision is required in the person. For the procedure, patients are anesthetized and discharged after the procedure. However, it is recommended to keep the patients under observation for the first 2-3 hours after the procedure. After this period, they can be discharged. Therefore, it is not necessary to stay in the hospital after the procedure.

Who Is Gastric Botox Not Suitable For?

Stomach botox cannot be applied to everyone. People with muscle disease and people with botox allergy are not suitable for the procedure. This procedure cannot be applied to people with gastritis and ulcers in their stomach. People can benefit from this application if they wish, after having their related diseases treated.

Is There an Age Limit for Gastric Botox?

This application is suitable for anyone who wants to lose weight and does not have any underlying disease. However, individuals must be at least 16 years old. There is no upper age limit. The procedure can be applied to any patient who can handle anesthesia.

Can Gastric Botox be applied to pregnant and nursing mothers?

There is not enough data about whether pregnant and pregnant people can have this procedure.

How Many Weight Loss in 1 Month with Gastric Botox?

How much weight people lose depends on how faithful they are to diet and exercise programs after the procedure. However, after the procedure, it is aimed for people to lose 10-20 kilos on average.

Does Gastric Botox Really Work?

No procedure guarantees absolute weight loss. Whether the procedure will work or not is entirely related to how well the patient takes care of himself after the procedure. However, people experience a noticeable decrease in appetite after the procedure. This provides a great deal of weight loss.

Is It Possible to Smoke After Gastric Botox?

Smoking should not be used within the first 4 hours after the procedure. After this period, there is no harm in consuming cigarettes. However, it is always recommended that patients not smoke.

Can Alcohol Be Used After Gastric Botox?

People who want to have botox in their stomach should be very careful about alcohol. Smoking and alcohol affect the stomach muscles. For this reason, people who use cigarettes and alcohol should stop using them at least 2 weeks before the procedure. To increase the success rate after the procedure, smoking and alcohol use should be reduced. It is recommended not to be consumed at all if possible.

Does Gastric Botox Suppress Appetite?

After the procedure, the nerves and muscles that make you want to eat become ineffective for an average of 6 months. This also visibly reduces appetite. However, gastric emptying is also delayed. Thus, food stays in the stomach longer. This provides a feeling of satiety and the time to be full is longer. Even if the person has eaten a small amount, he does not need to eat again for a long time. This allows the person to lose weight.

Is Weight Gained After Gastric Botox?

The effect of the procedure lasts for 4-6 months on average. During this period, people do not feel hungry or want to eat excessively. This helps people lose weight. However, after the effect of the procedure begins to decrease, the person may want to eat again. It is entirely up to the individual to do this. People who have a healthy diet during the effect of the procedure continue this pattern after the procedure. When this order is supported by sports, weight gain is usually not seen in people, even if the effect of the procedure is over.

How Many Times Is Gastric Botox Done?

If necessary, this process can be repeated 3 times with an interval of 6 months.

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