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What is a Gastric Balloon?

The gastric balloon is a type of obesity treatment that is placed in the stomach before being inflated and then inflated with sterile liquid. It is also known as gastric balloon. The building material is silicone or polyurethane. Gastric balloon insertion, which is not considered a surgical intervention, is performed by endoscopy under anesthesia. Removal of the balloon from the stomach is also done with the help of an endoscope.

The mechanism of action of the gastric balloon is that it constantly creates a feeling of satiety in the person. Thus, after this process, the person in question begins to consume less food at each meal. This ensures weight loss, which is the main purpose of the procedure. Studies on this subject were first seen in the 1980s. Today, the types and methods of the process vary. There are also swallowable gastric balloons that no longer require the need for endoscopy and anesthesia.

Obesity has now become one of the most common diseases of modern times. For this reason, methods such as gastric balloon treatment have become frequently preferred. This procedure is a very healthy choice, especially for people who cannot receive anesthesia. Another advantage is that the procedure does not require surgery.

There are different types of gastric balloon. Accordingly, it takes 4-12 months for the balloon to remain in the stomach. During this period, people who have the procedure experience a distinct feeling of satiety. Thus, people can adapt to their diet more easily. In this process, changes are seen in the person’s diet and eating habits. By continuing these habits, you can continue to maintain your weight after the gastric balloon is removed.

Gastric balloon procedure, which is a non-surgical method in the treatment of obesity, is among the most commonly performed operations.

There are many specialist doctors in Turkey who have accomplished successful studies in the field of obesity treatment.

Every year, thousands of patients in Turkey increase their quality of life by losing weight in a healthy way with gastric balloon application. With the gastric balloon application, which is a non-surgical procedure, you can return to your daily life in a short time and you can enjoy your holiday in Turkey to the fullest.

How is the Gastric Balloon Applied?

Gastric balloon placement is carried out by specialist doctors. Before the procedure, some examinations are performed by the doctor for a detailed evaluation of the patient. Thus, the general health status of the patient is examined. Then, it is evaluated whether there is any health problem in the stomach of the person. For this, help is taken from the endoscopic imaging method. During these examinations, it is detected if the person has health problems such as reflux, gastritis or ulcers.

If such a health problem is detected in the person, the treatment of the related problem is started first. After all the procedures are completed, the person is ready to have a gastric balloon inserted. General anesthesia is not applied to the person during this procedure. While the patient is under the effect of sedation, the procedure is completed and the balloon is placed by a specialist doctor. The patient does not feel any pain or pain at this stage. Today, there are two different balloon placement procedures. These are as follows:

1. Endoscopic Gastric Balloon

During this procedure, help is taken from the endoscopy method. The procedure is performed while the patient is under the influence of sedation. Since endoscopy is used in this form of treatment, the patient should pay attention to some points. For this reason, the patient should not eat or drink anything before the procedure. Important points like these should be explained to the patient in detail before the procedure. There is a camera at the end of the endoscope.

Thus, the stomach can be seen easily during the procedure and the balloon is placed in the stomach. After that, the inside of the balloon is filled with salt water or a blue dye that does not cause any health problems. The size of the balloon becomes more than half of the stomach. However, this dimension is not the same in every patient. How much to inflate the balloon is determined by the patient’s stomach characteristics during the procedure. All related processes are completed between 30 minutes and 1 hour.

2. Swallowable Gastric Balloon

Endoscopic gastric balloon treatment is one of the most preferred treatment methods for obesity. However, there are some differences between the swallowable balloon and the balloon inserted with the help of an endoscope. Sedation should be applied to the patient during balloon insertion with the help of the endoscope. The swallowable gastric balloon procedure, which does not require such a necessity, is therefore a more advantageous method for some patients.

In this method, the patient swallows the capsule-shaped balloon with the help of plenty of water. At this time, the balloon is at the tip of a thin wire and is uninflated. People who have difficulty swallowing can do this with the help of a thin stylet. For this, the doctor helps. After the patient swallows the balloon, imaging methods such as x-rays are assisted. This is necessary to ensure that the balloon swallowed by the patient reaches the right place in the stomach.

The apparatus at the end of the balloon inflates the balloon. After making sure that the balloon is in the right place, the balloon is inflated with the help of this apparatus. Meanwhile, the balloon is inflated with approximately half a liter of water containing potassium sorbate. After the inflation process, a status check is made again. After the relevant controls are completed, the apparatus at the end of the balloon is removed very carefully. This whole process takes 20 minutes on average. During this time, no anesthesia is applied to the patient.

In this way, the patient returns to his daily life shortly after the completion of the procedure. There is a leakproof and fusible type valve on the inserted balloon. After a period of 4 months, this valve begins to melt. The liquid inside is emptied. After the balloon is completely emptied, it is expelled from the body on its own.

There is no need for endoscopy for this. This procedure can be preferred by people who have difficulty in losing weight with diet and sports.

Non-Surgical Stomach Reduction

Non-surgical stomach reduction methods are the best method for patients who do not want incisions or stitches. With this method, you can reduce your stomach volume and lose weight in a short time. Methods such as swallowable gastric balloon are non-surgical gastric reduction methods.

Who is the Gastric Balloon Suitable for?

This procedure is very suitable for people who do not want a surgical intervention. Only endoscopy is assisted in the placement of the balloon. Since the gastric balloon occupies a large space in the stomach, the person who wears the balloon feels full for a long time. This helps her to lose weight easily. It is a very useful method especially for people who can not achieve success by applying diet programs.

Another advantage is that there is no need for anesthesia during the procedure. However, people with stomach ulcers and large gastric hernia cannot benefit from this procedure. It is not possible for people who are pregnant to have this procedure done.

What are the Advantages of Gastric Balloon?

  • The process takes place in a very short time.
  • No hospitalization is required after the application.
  • The person can quickly return to his daily life after the application.
  • The procedure is painless and painless.
  • The balloon can be removed at any time the patient wishes.

What are the Disadvantages of Gastric Balloon?

  • Gastric ulcer may be seen.
  • eflux can be seen after the balloon is inserted.
  • Nausea and vomiting may occur in the first 3-7 days after the procedure.
  • In some cases, stomach cramps may be experienced.
  • The effects of the application are not permanent. After the balloon comes out, the person should continue his diet.
  • The amount of weight given by the procedure is less than the surgical methods.

In Which Situations Is The Gastric Balloon Not Appropriate?

This app is not suitable for every person. Especially people with stomach ulcers and reflux problems cannot benefit from this application. Stomach hernia also prevents the balloon from being inserted. People who have had bariatric surgery or who are pregnant cannot also have balloons inserted. Alcohol addicts and people with psychological disorders should not have this application.

How Should Nutrition Be After Gastric Balloon?

After the gastric balloon insertion, people should make some changes in their diet. For this, a detailed nutrition program is given to the person by the dietitian. However, the things that people should pay attention to are as follows:

● The diet should be rich in protein. This diet should become a habit.
● The time between meals should not be kept too long.
● During sweet crises, foods such as fruit yoghurt should be consumed.
● Selected foods should be without added sugar.
● Meals should be chewed as much as possible.
● You should not consume liquids while eating. You should stop consuming liquids half an hour before a meal. After a meal, you should wait half an hour to consume fluids again.
● You should not consume solid foods that tire your stomach.
● Prefer methods such as steaming, boiling, grilling and baking as a cooking method. Stay away from high-fried methods.
● You should consume spicy and salty foods as little as possible.
● If possible, you should not consume any carbonated drinks such as cola and soda.
● You should not consume caffeinated and sugary drinks in large quantities.
● Protein should be the main meal choice.
● Alcohol should not be consumed.
● You should consume at least 1 liter of water per day.

Gastric Balloon Prices 2023

Gastric balloon prices vary depending on many factors. In addition, since the balloon required for the transaction is imported, changes depending on the exchange rate can also be reflected in the price. Considering such factors, it is possible to say that the prices vary according to the hospital where the application is made. Therefore, you can contact our hospital to get a clear price and clear the question mark in your mind.

Gastric balloon prices are quite affordable in Turkey. Turkey is a pleasant location that draws attention with its quality and economy in health services and where you can take advantage of holiday opportunities with its natural riches. While benefiting from gastric balloon applications in Turkey, you can also discover beautiful locations that attract attention with their historical and natural beauties.

You can contact our doctors and health institutions about gastric balloon applications in Turkey and send your questions.

Frequently Asked Questions About Gastric Balloon

Is Gastric Balloon Risky?

Gastric balloon is not a risky application in general, but some complications may occur after the procedure. These usually occur within the first week. It is rare for any complications to develop later on. Serious complications are almost nonexistent.

The most common complications in the initial period are nausea and vomiting. In some cases, stomach cramps and fatigue may also occur. In the next period, people may feel bloating and heartburn. Reflux and foul-smelling belching are among the rare complications seen in the later period.

What are the Harms of Gastric Balloon?

Gastric balloon applications have been researched since the 80s. Until now, problems that may develop during and after the procedure have mostly been eliminated. However, although rare, some complications may occur. Damage to the esophagus and stomach during endoscopic gastric balloon insertion is one of them. In some cases, although very rarely, the balloon may deflate. In this case, intestinal obstruction may occur.

Are There Any Side Effects of Gastric Balloon?

The most common side effect is nausea during getting used to the balloon. Vomiting and stomach cramps may follow. However, these symptoms are not seen in every person. Some people experience these symptoms, while others do not feel any side effects. Related symptoms usually disappear spontaneously within 3-7 days. We recommend that you use the drugs prescribed by your doctor for this process.

It is a fact that the procedure helps you lose weight. However, after the effect of the balloon wears off, it is entirely up to you to maintain the weight you lost. In addition, you should stick to the diet determined by the dietitian after the procedure.

How Long Does the Gastric Balloon Insertion Process Take?

This process can be completed in a very short time. The process is completed within 30 minutes on average. The patient does not need to stay in the hospital after the procedure. You can return to your daily life shortly after the application.

How Many Weight Loss in 1 Month with Gastric Balloon?

In order for the process to lose weight, it is necessary to stick to the diet program determined by the dietitian. In addition, exercise should not be interrupted in this process. It is possible to lose at least 15 kilos in the first 6 months. In the first month, people can usually lose 5-10 kilos.

Does Gastric Balloon Really Work?

Yes, as long as the correct procedure is done and you pay attention to the nutrition program after the procedure, the gastric balloon works.

Is Weight Gained After Gastric Balloon?

Yes, it is possible to regain weight after the effect of the balloon wears off. To prevent this, people should stick to their nutrition program. Plenty of fluid intake and exercise should never be neglected.

Does Gastric Balloon Cause Pain?

Since this procedure is not a surgical intervention, it does not cause pain. No incision is required during the procedure. This prevents pain after application.

What are the Differences Between Gastric Botox and Gastric Balloon?

After gastric botox application, there is a reduction in the stomach volume, while the stomach expands in the gastric balloon application. Both apps are known to help with weight loss. In addition, for both applications, help is obtained from the endoscope. However, in the gastric balloon insertion process, the volume of the balloon may need to be adjusted according to the individual. Re-endoscopy is required for this.

On the other hand, there is no need for re-endoscopy for stomach botox. This is a one-time operation. Gastric balloon can cause nausea unlike stomach botox. In addition, after the removal of the balloon, people may experience a reappearance of appetite.

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