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What is Botox?

Botox is an aesthetic procedure that many people have and is becoming increasingly common. The main ingredient of Botox is a toxin and is obtained from the bacterium Clostridium Botulinum. It shows its effect by inhibiting the release of substances responsible for transmission in nerve endings. Another effect is to stop the communication between the nerves and the organs that the nerves reach. With the cessation of the conduction of the nerves, the effects of the organs reached by the nerves also decrease. Thus, the appearance of wrinkles caused by the movement of mimic muscles is removed and prevented. Apart from wrinkle treatment, botox can also be applied to prevent sweating and to treat chronic migraine.

Botox applications in Turkey are carried out by estheticians who are experts in their fields. Botox applications are very important to get the result you want to be done by reliable and expert people

Why is Botox done?

This application is mostly done to eliminate facial wrinkles and have a younger expression. People who have excessive sweating problems may prefer this application to reduce underarm sweating. Botox application is one of the most preferred rejuvenation procedures of our time with both therapeutic and protective properties. In addition, the lines that develop due to aging become less obvious in the following years in case of regular botox application. People with migraine problems also benefit from this application.

In Which Areas Is Botox Used?

Wrinkle Treatment

Mimic muscles, which have been working for many years, cause wrinkles by making the folds on the skin clear after a while. These lines are mostly seen on the forehead, between the eyebrows, around the eyes and around the lips. Wrinkles on the forehead and around the eyes cause the person to look old. The lines formed between the eyebrows give the person an angry look. The movement of these muscles can be reduced with botox to be applied to the mimic muscles. This reduces the streaking caused by movement. This prevents the person from looking angry and old.

Wrinkle treatment with Botox is one of the most preferred methods in clinics in Turkey. Botox treatment applied by expert teams creates permanent and remarkable effects on your face.

Face Shaping

Low eyebrows can be raised with botox injection. The height in the middle of the eyebrows can also be lifted with botox application.

One of the most commonly applied botox methods in clinics in Turkey is the botox procedure used for face shaping. With the botox procedure performed by specialist doctors, your facial features can become more prominent and beautiful.

Gummy Smile

When smiling, the upper gums of some people become prominent. This situation, which causes an unaesthetic appearance, can be corrected with botox.

Masseter (Chewing Muscle) Hypertrophy

This is not an application used for wrinkle treatment. Excessive prominence of the masseter muscle causes the patient’s face to take a square shape. This application is suitable for those who want to achieve a more oval face.

Over-sweating treatment

In order for the sweat glands to work excessively, the transmission between the sweat glands and the nerve endings can be stopped. This application can be applied especially to the palms and underarm areas that sweat a lot. Sweat odor caused by excessive sweating can also be prevented in this way. Before the application, the areas that sweat the most are determined. The effect of the application lasts for 6 months on average.

Migraine Treatment

Migraine treatment is planned individually. The application should be applied with an interval of 12 weeks and there should be at least 2 treatment periods. In some patients, the injection needs to be repeated, while in some patients it is not necessary to apply for several years. Additional injections can be made locally depending on the pain location. Migraine can be taken under control thanks to this application, which usually has successful results.

Who is Botox for?

Botox can be applied to any patient with wrinkles or sagging on the face. In addition, people suffering from migraine pain can also benefit from this application. However, care should be taken that the person performing the application is a specialist physician.

Estheticians in Turkey can help you achieve the look of your dreams thanks to their experience in botox procedures.

Who Is Botox Not Suitable For?

Botox application may not be suitable for every person. It is not appropriate for people with neuromuscular system disease to have this injection. In addition, we recommend that pregnant women and nursing mothers do not have this application.

How Is Botox Made?

For Botox application, help is taken from the injection. This application is not a painful procedure. However, a slight pain may be felt at the time of injection. This is a normal situation. The application is made into the mimic muscles and into the skin when it is necessary to alleviate the sweating complaint. The application does not show its effect immediately. The effects of the procedure usually begin to appear within 3-4 days and become apparent within the first week. The period of losing the effect of the procedure is 4-6 months.

Since this is a repeatable application, there is no harm in reducing this time. As a matter of fact, it does not cause any serious side effects on health. However, temporary swelling and bruising may occur after the application. People can return to their normal lives immediately after the application takes place.

However, facial muscles should not be exercised more than normal. Care should be taken to keep the head elevated for the first 4 hours after the application. Within eight hours after the application, it is permissible to wash the face with warm water without damaging it.

If you want your botox procedures to be performed by specialist and experienced doctors, you can get detailed information about botox applications in Turkey. Thus, you can have your treatment and take advantage of holiday opportunities in Turkey.

Things to Consider Before Botox

Before Botox application, you should pay attention to the following:

  • Before the application, people should inform the doctors whether they are using a drug or not. In particular, people who use aspirin, antibiotics, blood thinners and hypertension drugs should stop using these drugs at least 2 weeks before the application.
  • People should also inform their doctors about the foods they take before the application. Consumption of foods such as green tea, vitamins C and E, fish oil, echinacea and gingo should be stopped two weeks before the application.
  • Alcohol intake should be stopped 3 days before the application.
  • Before the application, there should be no active infection on the skin. Considerations After Botox

After Botox application, you should pay attention to the following:

  • Within two hours after the application, the facial muscles should be exercised without exaggeration. Thus, the effect of the application occurs better in the muscles.
  • A cold compress can be applied to the face after the application for possible side effects such as edema, redness and bruising. Thus, the effect of side effects can be reduced.
  • In the first 4 hours, people should not lie face down.
  • In the first 24 hours, rubbing the face should be avoided and the face should not be massaged. Eyebrow removal should be postponed, hair should not be dyed and no cosmetic products should be applied to the face. Again, during this period, one should not take hot baths and showers, and should not be exposed to the sun for a long time.
  • Heavy training should not be done for the first 24 hours.
  • Do not enter the pool for the first 3 days against the risk of infection.
  • Alcohol, cigarettes and painkillers should not be used for the first 3 days. Foods containing high amounts of sugar and caffeine should not be consumed.
  • One week should be waited before applications such as skin care and peeling.

Botox Prices 2023

The prices of the application vary according to the number of regions and areas where botox will be applied. The cost of botox applied only between the eyebrows and botox applied to both the eyebrows and around the eyes will be different. The prices of the application also vary according to the center where the application is made. However, it is best to avoid having the procedure done in places that apply very cheap botox. Botox in such places may have waited and watered excessively. It should be noted that the person who will perform the procedure is a specialist doctor.

Botox procedures in Turkey are also very affordable in terms of price. With its location and natural riches, Turkey is an important center of attraction where you can both regain your health and enjoy your holiday. In this location where you can enjoy the four seasons, you can get health and holiday services at the same time at affordable prices.

Frequently Asked Questions About Botox

Is Botox Harmful?

Each drug has its own risks. However, these risks for botox application are quite low and unlikely. In addition, this practice is a process that has been done for many years and has a very low complaint rate when done correctly. Today, there are not many drugs with so much experience in use. The fact that there are tens of millions of people who have made this application also increases the reliability of the application.

The rate of getting negative feedback from people who have the application is very low. However, after the application, local complications may be seen at the application site. The side effects of the application usually do not go beyond being local.

It is normal to see redness on the skin in the first 1-2 hours after the application of Botox. This is a temporary situation. Although an allergic reaction may occur in some cases, this is very rare. Another side effect is temporary swelling at the application site.

The likelihood of side effects may also vary depending on the amount of botox application. Fewer doses make administration safer. One of the most important factors determining the reliability of the application is who performed the transaction. Performing the application by a specialist doctor increases the reliability and success of the procedure.

How Long Does the Effect of Botox Last?

3 months after the application, the old movement of the muscles begins to return. After the first 4 months, movements are also seen in weak muscles. After 6 months, the effect of the application completely ends.

Is Botox Snake Venom?

No, botox is not a snake venom. The drug is produced from a special bacteria and is protein-based.

What is Botox Raw Material?

The main raw material of the drug is a bacterium called Clostridium Botulinum. The necessary substance is obtained from bacteria in the laboratory environment and is based on purified protein.

How Many Times Can Botox Be Done?

As long as the person performing the application is a specialist in the field, this procedure can be done for life.

Does the face swell after botox?

No, botox is not a filler application. Therefore, it does not cause facial swelling.

Does Botox Cause Percent Expression Loss?

The purpose of the application is not to neutralize the facial muscles. The aim is to soften the mimics. An expressionless application result indicates that the operation was performed incorrectly.

Can Pregnant Women Have Botox?

There is no clear information about the effect of the application on pregnancy and breastfeeding babies. For this reason, it is not recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding people to have botox application before the end of this period. People whose breastfeeding and pregnancy periods are over should not have this application, even if they have a neuromuscular disease.

Is Botox a Reliable Treatment Method?

Yes, it is a reliable treatment method. There are more than 2000 studies on this drug that have been approved in more than 70 countries. This application, which is made by tens of millions of people, does not cause any problems to a great extent.

What is Skin Aging?

Aging progresses in a different order for everyone, depending on the environment and lifestyle of the person. However, everyone’s skin will age one day, just like our organs. Our skin is the largest organ and outer layer of our body. The biggest indicator of physical health is a healthy skin. On the other hand, every person ages at a different rate. Many factors determine this.

Skin aging can be divided into two groups. The first of these is internal aging, which develops over time. With this process, cell renewal, oil production, vitamin D production, hair and nail growth are noticeably slowed down. These are the earliest signs of aging. Due to internal aging, the skin becomes thinner and the elasticity of the skin decreases. Fine wrinkles appear in internal aging. External aging develops depending on environmental factors. Prolonged exposure to externally damaging factors accelerates external aging.

Are There Any Side Effects of Botox?

Although side effects are not common, they can occur in some cases. The possible side effects of the application are generally as follows:

  • Pain, edema and redness in the application area
  • Headache
  • Mild nausea
  • Difficulty swallowing
  • Neck weakness
  • Flu
  • Gallbladder dysfunction
  • Fever and chills
  • Hives
  • Wheezing
  • Dry mouth
  • Double vision
  • Bleeding and swelling at the site of the procedure
  • Weakness around the lower eyelid
  • Muscle weakness seen in the body
  • Speech difficulties

Can Care Creams Be Used Instead of Botox?

No care cream can give the effect of botox. So this is not possible. A visible rejuvenation of the face can only be achieved with an intramuscular injection. Creams can only superficially protect the skin. Therefore, the two give very different results from each other. The effect area of creams is only fine lines, none of them can eliminate deep lines that have developed over many years. Botox, on the other hand, provides healing even in the deepest lines and prevents the formation of new wrinkles on the skin for up to 6 months.

Is Regular Botox Beneficial?

People who want the effects of the application to continue for a long time can repeat this process at certain intervals. In this way, wrinkles are further reduced in the course of time and wrinkle formation slows down. In this regard, it is beneficial to have regular botox.

Does Stopping Botox Make Wrinkles Worse?

No, the application has no such effect. Botox weakens the formation of wrinkles throughout its duration of action, so even if the application is not repeated, the person becomes less aged over the course of time.

How Long After Botox Treatment Starts to Take Effect?

It is necessary to wait at least 2-3 days to see the effects of the application.

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